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Exploring our shared connections to discover the secret of what will power us beyond tomorrow
Travelling to the depths of Myanmar, remote Pacific islands, refugee camps in Jordan, and to the heart of the rural communities in Tanzania to tell the stories of a life-changing Prize
Creating a video-game inspired world to speak to aspiring lawyers from disadvantaged backgrounds
Once you’ve adventured through the cosmos, how can normal life ever be the same?
Using poetry to launch an urgent appeal to the world's governments to take action before it's too late
Where photographs create windows into the past, telling a story that stretches long into the future
Crafting a world within a snowglobe to capture the magic of the circus once more
The true luxury of an executive flight resides in the personal touches, the slices of comfort that can’t be bought.
The Booking.com Traveller Review Awards celebrate accommodation partners with the very best reviews. To say thank you to the partners making their business possible, Booking.com wanted this film to celebrate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create an exceptional stay for every guest.
Deep in the desert of post-apocalyptic Arizona and accompanied by a brand new friend, Arizona Sunshine 2 is the next-gen sequel fans having been waiting to get their hands on.
We know that true pioneers are constantly asking 'how?'. But what happens next?
How we launched a brand-new Angry Birds game to the US with a TV-led campaign and the help of Selling Sunset’s biggest star.
Following a medicine's journey to the people who need it most
A mini-doc series with rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio, artist Sophie Mess, and streamer Josh Ellum
Creating a desert on a tiny scale for Hamilton's latest cinematic collaboration
When it comes to ensuring that the best candidates pick Clifford Chance, how can we make them not only prepared for the rigours of a training contract, but actively motivated by the gritty, honest truth?
Discovering the power of the pea on the Scottish coast
Putting sustainable window frames front and centre - literally
For the release of Casablanca's new tenniscore collection, we brought to life a stills campaign that represents the luxury fashion houses's dream to capture the 80s country club aesthetic. What started as an in-store campaign with retail powerhouse Nordstrom, was so well-received it became Casablanca's key imagery on their website and socials.
4 seasons, 15 projects, close to 200 films, every year for seven years – it could only be Barbour.
Showcasing chauffeur services for a sophisticated clientele.
Step inside the head of an investor to find clarity within the chaos of climate change
This is a story of a file. Your file, shared through WeTransfer, on a journey to change the world.
Using collage animation to bring a year's worth of achievements to life
Creating a sitcom-style series with football legends Paul Dikhov and Shaun Wright-Phillips
Crafting a social experiment that cuts to the heart of what it’s like to work with anxiety and depression.
Creating an 'oddly satisfying' 3D world
The unveiling of a fantastic new design, the dawn of the new era of Williams racing.
How we took 2D concept art and crafted it into an entire 3D world for this trailer launching Toikido’s first ever original IP.
Find out what one developer does with all of her free time when she uses Whereby Embedded.
We set out to spotlight three of the brilliant causes that are making a real difference around the world
Every year, MSCI produce a market report that sets out the year’s changes and estimates for the future. It gets reasonably good readership, but it’s remained the same for the past 12 years. After more than a decade, MSCI decided they needed to spice things up.
To find out what’s at the heart of banking, you’d have to stop time – but you might not like what you find.
The Net Zero Documentary we made for MSCI was a project unlike anything we had tackled before. Not only was it a much longer film than we were used to creating, but it had to incorporate a huge number of contributors, all of whom would have to be filmed remotely.
Fusing the elegance of nature with the diligence of man.
A hard-hitting origin story of how an innovative new bank came to be, exposing the problems with existing clearing banks and delving into how The Bank of London intends to fix them.
"Clothes should make people feel joy and confidence in their own skin" - our team in New York bringing this powerful brand ethos to life
A Recruitment Video for a New Bank Challenging the Status Quo
The Two Seater Concept Car
Hamilton's New Watch For In-Game and IRL
Celebrating the people helping LGBTQ+ travellers Travel Proud
Battling Anxiety and Depression
The Net Zero Documentary we made for MSCI was a project unlike anything we had tackled before. Not only was it a much longer film than we were used to creating, but it had to incorporate a huge number of contributors, all of whom would have to be filmed remotely.
How we helped a construction company modernise and reposition its brand to its employees and customers
Launching a brand new game from the makers of Angry Birds
How we helped promote Clifford Chance's diversity and inclusion recruitment scheme for graduates
How we combined the world's best accountancy platform with a new prime time game show.
We take a look at the rich history of pearl diving in the UAE and see how this translates into modern day sporting competition
How to reposition a drinks brand as a nature company, at the forefront of the fight against the climate crisis...
Hollywood star bringing performance to Scottish Highlands shoot
How changing your stationery can help save the planet
How we helped the biggest social network get the attention of the world’s most important sports marketeers
How we told the story of what life is like for a rookie F1 star
What happens when you make the world’s best football freestylers take on a globe spanning challenge
Watercolour animation turns whisky making into a work of art
The most dramatic F1 car launch yet?
How do you turn the most incredible photographs into the most incredible prints?
How do you tell the world’s most incredible whisky story?
How we made a world famous football star take a selfie in space?
How we sold ice tea through a supermodel’s social feed...
How our candid interviews on diversity and inclusion helped Clifford Chance's recruitment drive
Telling the story of how one company is revolutionising logistics in South East Asia
How we got people excited about advertising tech
Telling the world that Facebook was revolutionising the way that businesses will communicate with their customers
Producing fashion campaigns from the Scottish Highlands to the Floridian wetlands...
How we helped TECNO become the biggest mobile phone in Africa… by building a restaurant in two days
How we helped Jaguar revolutionise the world of chauffeuring
How we helped EY show the future of medical technology
How we captured the energy of a complete rebrand of Williams F1
World famous chef cooks up a storm in honour of F1 Williams Racing
What happens when three professional footballers get hold of Tinder…
Old meets new in Barbour International's AW collection
How we created an immersive experience through a phone screen
How we got Londoners to open up to their Dads...
Britains best tea-drinkers...
Cirque du Soliel performers surprise London commuters...
How we broke a Guiness World Record using balloons and an Alfa Romeo...
How we captured the Nation's sympathy with an acne treatment
An award winning animation showing the microscopic details that make F1 so special
How we got a reaction from brand marketers...
How we brought the iconic Barbour shirt to life...
How we got Gloria Estefan to lead a Conga line through London...
Teaching London about a completely new way to travel
How we used LinkedIn to show the softer side to a World Champion Heavy Weight boxer
What's faster: Bentley's car, or their skis?
How we used a flu vaccine to show Grandparents that they're real life heroes...
UAE World Expo 2020
How we brought an Antarctic snowstorm...to Milton Keynes
Whisky making tales told via the sea, the trees and the land...
Turning legal recruitment films into cinematic award winners...
How we brought some cinematic drama to the start of the F1 season
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