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Get A Reaction

How we got a reaction from brand marketers...

The Brief for Instagram Stories

We needed to address marketers’ doubts about the relevance and effectiveness of Instagram Stories Ads. The campaign goal was to get Brand marketers to believe in Instagram Stories ads by outlining the product truths that justify the big global numbers.



Our Approach

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Text and Visual

We addressed three key messages that we needed to convey: that people of all demographics use Stories; that Stories ads are an effective driver of direct responses from people; and that automatic placements are typically the most efficient use of budget and help control costs.

Like any well-told story, an Instagram Stories ad can generate a powerful reaction amongst an audience. Tapping into the idea of a positive reaction, we played with split-screen and grid effects to showcase a range of reactions across different audiences, as well as the actions they can lead to.

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Project Video
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