Lasts a Lifetime

Putting sustainable window frames front and centre - literally
Text and Visual

When you hear the phrase ‘making a house a home’, you tend to think of different ways you could add a personal touch to a property – maybe some furniture, or a lick of paint. You’re probably not thinking about window frames – but Accoya are here to change that.

As a company specialising in sustainable long-lasting window and door frames, Accoya wanted a film that encouraged UK homeowners to invest in their property long-term by demonstrating the product’s longevity and durability.

Text and Visual

‘Lasts a Lifetime’ follows one couple’s journey through parenthood, seen through an Accoya window frame. It remains a reassuring constant in every shot as the years pass, seasons change, and their daughter grows up. Ultimately, it explores the idea that our home is not just a setting for the story of our lives, but is a character within it – and Accoya wood is no different, as we look through it to observe the stories told within the house.


Launching the ‘Lasts a Lifetime’ campaign, Accoya’s first UK TV commercial was broadcast on Sky to an estimated 3.1 million people with an ad frequency of 5.5. It was also featured on Sky’s video on demand streaming service. Additionally, it was shared on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, garnering over 1.4 million views across all channels, and currently sits at the top of Accoya’s UK website homepage.

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