How do you turn the most incredible photographs into the most incredible prints?

The Brief for Epson

Epson needed a video content agency to create a compelling film designed to educate artists, their distributors and print laboratories about the many benefits of the Digigraphie Certification Programme.

Text and Visual

The film needed to grow the number of Digigraphers and laboratories that offer the Digigraphie print service, drive sales of the Epson range, including their large format printers, and reinforce the Epson brand as the number one facilitator of prints for art-makers and art-lovers.


Our Approach


In order to appeal to artists and printmakers, it was imperative that the film looked and felt as vibrant as the prints showcased in the film. The visual style needed to reflect the exceptional quality of Epson’s printers, ink and Fine Art Media which enable the high standard of Digigraphie prints.

A key challenge with this film was to take a certification programme and create a captivating narrative. We felt that spotlighting a single photographer, Patrick Blin, would enable us to get underneath the Digigraphie.

By having an artist explain the importance of Digigraphie to their practice, from the quality of the print to the significance of authentication, the film explains the features of Digigraphie using the people to whom it means the most.

Text and Visual

The resulting film encapsulates photographer, Patrick Blin’s artistic sensibility, with the informal and candid interview combined with shots of him in his studio, directly connecting with our target audience and imbuing the film with the essence of creative rigour. The beautifully crafted cutaways represent the intense colour and balanced composition that can be expected from Digigraphie certified prints and achieved with Epson products.

“RD Content push the creative boundaries and are always challenging our thinking by coming up with new, imaginative ways of engaging with our target audiences.  The brief for this project was to create a video that conveyed ‘high-end and exclusivity’, creating desire and evoking emotion, whilst also delivering Epson commercial messages in a non-product lead video!  
They delivered a stunning, cinema-worthy video that portrayed the Epson Digigraphie programme in an amazing, thought-provoking way.  One early reviewer said ‘It made the hairs on the back of my arms stand up’.  I think that this says it all.”
Polly Chapman, Senior Marcoms Associate, Epson Europe
Project Video
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