Healthcare for all

Telling the story of how one company is revolutionising logistics in South East Asia

The Brief DKSH

The film was intended to resonate with DKSH employees working in all areas of the supply chain, showcase the brand’s services to prospective clients and act as brand-building storytelling for members of the public.

Text and Visual

We needed to create an emotive brand film showcasing DKSH’s healthcare distribution services across Asia and the positive impact they are having on the regional population.

Internally, the film’s intent was to demonstrate to DKSH employees their incredible impact and help them see themselves as part of a force for positive change.

Externally, the film had to give audiences an insight into DKSH’s impact, their reach and range of services, celebrating the core values that define their corporate image.


Our Approach

Text and Visual

Filmed throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the film is a collage of every element that defines DKSH Healthcare.

Accompanied by a mantra that defines what the company stands for, the film comprises of DKSH-focused sequences, from warehouses and delivery vans to hospitals and pharmacies, and sequences shot with members of the public.

These were designed to authentically portray the diverse range of daily lives that the company affects; positioning DKSH as “believers in a better tomorrow…in a more connected world…in healthcare for all.”


One of the primary stylistic choices of the film was to capture the humans behind each process. The DKSH supply chain is a complex web of moving parts. Both in picture and sound, the film had to harness the purposeful energy of the company’s employees whilst also celebrating the spirit of the people they benefit everyday.

This builds to the films climax: a fast-paced sequence of profile shots of everyone who embodies the company’s ethos.

Project Video
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