Bad Egg Co.

How we took 2D concept art and crafted it into an entire 3D world for this trailer launching Toikido’s first ever original IP.
Text and Visual

The Brief

Toikido are an entertainment company at the cutting edge of digital design and merchandise, responsible for creating toys for some of the world’s biggest brands. Now, they’re launching their first original IP: Bad Egg Co., consisting of a video game and merch line. They were in need of a trailer to introduce Bad Egg Co. to the world – and that’s where we came in.

Text and Visual

The Creative

Having developed Toikido’s 2D illustrations into 3D models, an in-depth storyboarding process allowed us to collaborate closely with the brand in order to bring their world and its characters to life.

Ultimately, we were inspired by themes of underground sub-cultures such as skateboarding, hip-hop and graffiti to encapsulate the brand’s edgy attitude, using hyper-stylised slow-motion moments to create drama, and embedding easter eggs throughout to gesture to the expansiveness of the Bad Egg universe.

Text and Visual

The Results

Our film played a pivotal role in launching the Bad Egg world, becoming a key component in liscencing meetings and IP conventions to aid in the pitching process and make Toikido’s vision a reality.


Watch the full launch film below:

Project Video
Watch Video
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