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Exploring our shared connections to discover the secret of what will power us beyond tomorrow
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It is no coincidence that the traditional Korean Maedeup knot was chosen as the symbol for this year’s Aramco Board of Directors meeting in South Korea. Symbolising relationships, strength, and unity, this knot encapsulates everything Aramco work towards in their ambition to meet the world’s rising energy needs reliably, affordably, and sustainably.

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This shared sense of curiosity and responsibility is the common thread that ties people together from all over the organisation, forever striving to not just meet the energy demands of today, but sow the seeds of innovation that ensure progress and prosperity around the world for generations to come.

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This realisation was what inspired our film, created for this prestigious and inspiring networking event. We imagine this shared drive as a literal thread, connecting Aramco’s many endeavours all over the world with the people whose lives are touched by their work.


Just as we are all bound by the same great challenges, we are also all connected by the same great opportunities. Whether we are championing innovation, inspiring collaboration, increasing efficiency, embracing creativity, or simply by daring to ask ‘how’, it is the partnerships we put in place today that will leave a legacy of prosperity that lasts beyond tomorrow.

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