Xero - The Void TV Commercial

How we combined the world's best accountancy platform with a new prime time game show.
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The Brief


Let us level with you. We’re fans of the accountancy platform Xero. We use their software and think it’s brilliant for small and medium size businesses. So when they came to us earlier in the year inviting us to pitch for their next TV commercial, we were super excited.

We were asked to help produce the bumpers for the brand new ITV 1 Saturday Night Game Show that Xero were sponsoring called ‘The Void’.

Text and Visual

Xero’s own wonderful creative team had come to us with the kernel of an idea. They wanted to show that for small business owners, running those businesses can be like navigating their own void and that RD’s response to the brief should include a game show aesthetic rooted in the world of Xero.

‘Sounds great’, we said. ‘When do you need these delivered?’

‘Three and a half weeks’ they responded.

‘Better get cracking’  we thought!

Text and Visual

Quick-smart, we set about raiding our trusted network of studios, stunt coordinators, riggers and art directors who, in combination with our own in-house creatives, directors, camera department and post team, came together to deliver these fun, vibrant and light hearted idents ahead of time and on budget.


The two days on set were a lot of fun and, hopefully, we look forward to similar projects in the future!

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