Fuller's London Pride:

How we got Londoners to open up to their Dads...

The Brief for Fullers London Pride

Fullers London Pride wanted to show some appreciation to all the Dads out there and approached us to create a campaign centred around Father’s Day. They wanted people to open up over a pint of London Pride.

Text and Visual

For us, this was the perfect opportunity to make something that would really land on social media. We wanted to pull on the heart strings and make people smile, all the time remembering that having a heart-to-heart over a pint was something we should all try and do with our Dads.


Our Approach

Text and Visual

The Dadmission idea was simple; tell fathers and their children that we were doing a Fullers tasting session for London Pride – hence the cameras – but instead use it as a chance for people to finally admit something to their Dads that they definitely didn’t know about.

Text and Visual

The confessions over the Fullers pint, were predominantly light hearted and humorous, one of them a deeper, more personal reveal, leading to Father and child embracing at the end of the film.

It was very important to us that the video tapped into a sense of identity. We needed our audience to feel that these stories were relevant and representative of their own relationship with their fathers.

This theme of universality ensured that more people would be likely to share the content.

Project Video
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