Angry Birds:
Journey to en-flight-enment

How we launched a brand-new Angry Birds game to the US with a TV-led campaign and the help of Selling Sunset’s biggest star.
Text and Visual

Departing from the usual themes of high-octane destruction, Angry Birds: Journey offers a relaxing, puzzle-oriented challenge that we wanted to present as an escape from the stresses and frustrations from the everyday world. We also wanted to capitalise on the real-life rivalry between our celebrity guests, Christine Quinn of Selling Sunsets, and Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Text and Visual

‘Angry Birds: Journey to En-flight-enment’ meets two infamous rivals, Christine and Melissa, who have been invited to attend Red’s Anger Management course in an attempt to overcome their differences. Led by their guru (our feathered friend in a robe and fake beard), they try various exercises to learn to control their anger – but after a number of failed attempts, they finally discover the solution: Angry Birds Journey, the ultimate escape into relaxation


Watch the full launch film below:

Project Video
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