Clifford Chance:
Next Level Lawyer

Creating a video-game inspired world to speak to aspiring lawyers from disadvantaged backgrounds
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For many years, obtaining work experience in the legal sector depended largely on who you know, rather than what you know – but Clifford Chance are committed to ensuring that more people who want to enter the world of law have an equal chance to do so, regardless of their background. This campaign was designed to level the playing field with one simple and inspirational message: Clifford Chance gives you a fair chance. What you do with that chance is up to you.

Text and Visual

Designed to target people from disadvantaged backgrounds who may be considering taking on a career in law, this film represents Clifford Chance opportunities in the style of a video game, in which key benefits empower you to level the playing field and access an incredible career. Three diverse characters explore a gamified world, encountering animated screens, objects, and people representing the benefits of the 12-stage scheme. They ‘level up’ as they move on to each new stage, ultimately coming together at the very end for the grande finale: the Clifford Chance Training Contract.


These opportunities aren’t a free pass, or a shortcut to success. It’s about changing the game, rewriting the rulebook and giving bright minds from disadvantaged backgrounds the tools, knowledge and network they need to take their career to the next level. Moreover, it’s not just about what our main characters will gain from Clifford Chance, but also what our characters bring to the scheme from their own personal life that can be applied to a career in law. That’s why we discover the challenges they face in the real world and acknowledge the sheer amount of commitment, hard work and resilience it will take to make their ambitions a reality. Their background is not a weakness, but a strength.

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