Drive Now

Teaching London about a completely new way to travel

The Brief for Drive Now

DriveNow is a car sharing company that enables its app users to rent cars on a free-floating principle. They operate a fleet of over 6,000 cars across Europe and they retained our services to provide them with moving and still content.

Text and Visual

The aim of this content was to inspire people to join the DriveNow app; to encourage existing customers to use the service more and to raise awareness that DriveNow had increased its coverage within London. The goal was also to position DriveNow as a lifestyle brand and a ‘must-have’ app for Londoners, portraying DriveNow as a convenient and easy-to-use alternative to other forms of transport.


Our Approach


DriveNow specifically targeted London based individuals between the ages of 28-40.  Our campaign needed to appeal to this demographic, whilst remaining unified by DriveNow’s brand image and highlighting the new London boroughs that DriveNow had added to its coverage.

We conducted extensive research on potential set locations to find hidden, beautiful areas for filming that wouldn’t subsume the budget. We used boroughs throughout all of London to show consumers the unique charm that each area has.

Text and Visual

We responded to the initial brief by devising a seamlessly interwoven narrative that followed three different journeys: of a friendship, a couple and an adult son. We chose these different journeys to reflect not only the broad demographic that our content was targeting, but also the wide range of uses for which people use DriveNow.

The narrative was woven together with a shared theme: a single service bringing each of them closer to what matters most. With this, we achieved a transcendence of the concept of creating connections through relationships into that of staying connected in an urban setting through having physical mobility.

Project Video
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