Williams F1:
FW44 Livery Reveal

The unveiling of a fantastic new design, the dawn of the new era of Williams racing.
Text and Visual

The annual launch of F1 liveries is a massive event in the formula one calendar for teams and fans alike. Because every team releases their reveal at the same time, each design – and, by extension, the film that reveals it – is mercilessly scrutinised, compared, and judged. We had just ten days from concept to delivery to create a film that would reveal the new car, build excitement around the upcoming season, and compete against every other teams’ reveals.

Text and Visual

Underpinned by themes of research and development, our film explores the way that the team’s history informs the unlimited potential of their future, as if we were seeing the very idea of Williams racing being created. A nameless driver journeys through a testing facility littered with archive footage, drawn irresistibly towards the new car, while bespoke sound design creates a supercharged, magnetic energy as tools defy gravity, drawn towards the car and the reveal of the FW44 livery.


From ideation to final delivery, we completed this project in just ten days. The film was released on Williams’ social channels to fans all over the world and was also featured on major news outlets including Sky Sports and ESPN. Online it was met with a fantastic reception, accruing over 1.3 million views on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube combined.

The film has also been recognised at a number of awards and festivals, including a Platinum award at the Muse Creative Awards 2022.


Watch the full launch film below:

Project Video
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