Williams F1:
FW44 Livery Reveal

The unveiling of a fantastic new design, the dawn of the new era of Williams racing.

The annual launch of F1 liveries is a massive event in the formula one calendar for teams and fans alike. Because every team releases their reveal at the same time, each design – and, by extension, the film that reveals it – are mercilessly scrutinised, compared, and judged.

These films do more than just show the car, though. This is an opportunity for the teams to cement different elements of their identity, like Red Bull’s iconic colour palette or Ferrari’s unforgettable red bodywork. But Williams don’t have a quick sell like most other teams do – as one of the last remaining independent teams, they don’t have an energy drink or car company to push. This is an opportunity for Williams to manifest who they are and what they represent.

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In the past, this has come in the form of heritage. Williams have a reputation for embodying the heart and soul of racing, with countless famed drivers and generations of innovation behind them. The problem is that that kind of heritage film risks clinging to the past, bypassing the bright and exciting future yet to come. The RD team knew that the best film would marry the two.

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So that’s exactly what we did. We realised that the rich history of this team informs the future of what they can become, and that potential is unbounded and unlimited. The future is theirs to create, and it begins with the unveiling of this fantastic new design, the dawn of the new era of Williams racing. The idea began to emerge – the exploration of the process that forms the team, as if we were to see the very idea of Williams racing being created.


This element of heritage would sit alongside the process of research and development, exploring the way all those years of history were part of an ongoing timeline that extends beyond into the future. It needed to have a charged, almost magnetic energy that grew and grew as the livery was revealed. For our location, we chose a disused jet engine testing facility to embed the idea of growth, development, and magnitude into the heart of the film.

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Our driver would be nameless, representing the undefined potential of what a Williams driver can be. We’d see them journey through the testing facility, past archival footage and historic designs, drawn irresistibly towards the car – and then we pushed that idea even further, seeing the tools themselves defying physics to be pulled magnetically in the car’s direction. And through it all, a bespoke sound design incorporated the sound of sirens to build anticipation to an almost unbearable level.


And on top of all that? The whole thing, from ideation to delivery, was finished in just ten days.

The film was met with a fantastic reception, accruing over 1.3 million views on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube combined. Across all platforms, the film received over 100,000 likes and 1,560 comments.

This was a reveal to end all reveals.

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