Cirque du Soleil:

Cirque du Soliel performers surprise London commuters...
Text and Visual

The Brief for Cirque Du Soleil

This film needed to announce the arrival of the Cirque du Soleil Totem show in London to their target audience and maximise ticket sales.

While conveying its exotic themes and archetypal characters, it was crucial we infused these primal elements into the London environment, providing the local city-goer with a moment of escapism from their urban jungle.

We had to showcase the explosion of nature and colour, fundamental to the identity of the Cirque du Soleil, permeating the film with visual and sensory motifs that allowed the viewer a vivid insight into what the Totem show would entail. 


Our Approach


We created an interactive campaign that emphasised the arrival of Cirque du Soleil in London in an inspiring and mischievous way, which was indicative of their brand. The Cirque du Soleil performers were shown at the beginning of the film to emerge in London before making their respective commutes to the Royal Albert Hall where the Totem show would be performed.

Creating a virtual tour of the capital’s most stunning landmarks, we neatly articulated the location of the show while emphasising the renowned skills of the artists themselves. Each scene of the film depicted an element from the show which was made relevant to aspects of the city, thus attracting Londoners by playing on tropes that were familiar to them. 

Text and Visual

This film did not capture a PR event but was a bespoke piece of content that showed the performance of the Cirque du Soleil becoming part of the hubbub of London.

This was a piece of content with high view-ability and a premium feel, that put the target audience at the heart of the campaign.

Text and Visual

This film has received 720,542 views on Youtube and the campaign resulted in 20% more ticket sales than the client had aimed for.

This campaign over delivered on KPI, providing a successful campaign for the client and a unique encapsulation of the brand, bolstering its brand awareness in the U.K.

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