Market Size

Every year, MSCI produce a market report that sets out the year’s changes and estimates for the future. It gets reasonably good readership, but it’s remained the same for the past 12 years. After more than a decade, MSCI decided they needed to spice things up.

We were commissioned to create five short videos that pull out key facts from the report and communicate them in an interesting way, introducing new audiences to the report and inviting them to read more. That was our first challenge – we had to get to grips with this complex, specialised data.

Text and Visual

Then there was the question of design. These films needed to take dense, specialised data and communicate it in a visually interesting way. We had to think carefully about what we could show in a way that didn’t just accompany these statistics, but engaged with the content in a dynamic and clever way.

Text and Visual

The double exposure style has been embedded within the work we have been creating for MSCI for a while, so it felt natural for us to continue that work to allow it to tie in with the brand’s identity. We combined that with thoughtfully chosen stock footage, bespoke 3D animation, dynamic typography, and 2D graphics – for example, having statistics that pertain to a specific geographical area overlaid on that place’s location on a globe. By creating a visual script that detailed what every frame would show, we were able to create visuals that not only interacted with the content, but actually looked stunning as well.


Architecture played a big role in the visual design of the piece; landmarks dissolve into graphics that mimic the architectural use of line; data points combine with physical structures within photography. After all, the report gives its audience insight into the structure of the market, the way its different components fit together and interact with each other; it made sense to bring that thinking into our creation of our film, creating different layers of visuals that extrapolate and build each other.

Watch the MSCI Market Size full film below:

Project Video
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