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The Brief for Marqeta

As the first modern card issuing platform built for the digitally capable customer, Marqeta faced a general lack of understanding about the service they offered and how they stood apart from traditional banking systems. Additionally, as Marqeta were rapidly updating their brand’s visual style as the company grew, any existing content they had already made was no longer relevant.

Text and Visual

Given that their current content failed to provide a proper understanding of their platform, Marqeta were looking for a 90 second overview film that explained their offering in a concise, clear way. The objective of this was so target audiences, ranging from technically-proficient CTOs to those in marketing roles or similar, would be able to understand how Marqeta can help them.


Our Approach

Text and Visual

To visualise these still quite hi-tech concepts, we chose to make an animation in an isometric style, with a constantly shifting background of flow lines, to emphasise the technical proficiency of Marqeta’s platform.

We used a range of widgets throughout to visualise elements which would otherwise have to be represented in a more impressionistic manner. This style reflected Marqeta’s offering too: in the opening half of the script, where we talked about the problems that companies were facing nowadays, the widgets were rendered in drab tones of grey and beige, and after Marqeta – the solution to their problems – was introduced, colours became brighter, and on brand for Marqeta.


Marqeta were thrilled with the film, and we worked with them to subsequently reversion it for five different verticals. For each of these new outputs, the first half was newly created: each script tailored to the specific industry, with the information here represented in stock to ensure relevance.

To keep this film in the isometric, high tech animation world we’d created for the platform film, the stock was housed in an animation base.

The latter half of each film then was lifted wholesale from the platform film: we transitioned back into full animation to explain Marqeta’s offering with the asset we had already made that had been so successful.

Project Video
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