Endless Inspiration

Fusing the elegance of nature with the diligence of man.

When Kia released their brand new Sportage model, they wanted to create a launch film that was as inspiring as it was informative. We undertook the challenge in a post-production capacity, sorting through over 70 hours of footage to turn around three films in just three weeks – a true feat of dedication and determination.

Text and Visual

In a normal world, Kia would launch a new vehicle at a show, enjoying a stunning stage in front of hundreds of adoring eyes. But, of course, this wasn’t a normal world. Covid-19 put a stop to all in-person conferences, and Kia had to come up with a creative solution – how could they generate the same levels of excitement and attention without these tools at their disposal?

Text and Visual

That’s where we came in. Now having to compete with every other piece of content on the internet, we tasked ourselves to create an unveiling film so assuredly excellent that it could capture eyes all over the world when it was released on Kia’s social channels. We did so by setting out to craft something that would be a piece of art in and of itself.


The Three Films

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The Sportage was the product of inspiration and dedication, the elegance of nature married with the diligent design of man. We took that same ethos and applied it to our work, drawing inspiration from the high-concept elegance of nature documentaries as well as the thrill of upbeat, high-energy cinema. In this way, the film feels exciting and intriguing as its pace responds to the rhythms of the content; thoughtful and explorative as the speakers dive into the sources of their inspiration, exciting and dramatic during the big reveal.


What made this project so challenging was contending with a separate creative agency as well as the client, requiring us to manage two separate expectations and demands. This, combined with the huge volume of footage and very tight deadlines, meant we had to work smart and hard to deliver on time. We assigned a team of dedicated editors to the project, each individual working on a segment of the hero film and overseen by a Creative Director, who ensured each part would have synergy with the whole and did not overlap in any way.


Overall, we were able to deliver three films – the 12 minute launch, with two additional 2.5 minute films – and well as stills for social use. On top of editing, this involved VFX artwork, sound design, and colour grading, none of which would have been possible without the team’s hard work and commitment. We’re especially proud of this project as we feel it truly represents the excellence and capabilities of company, and the individuals that make us who we are.

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