Infinite Perspectives

How we created an immersive experience through a phone screen
Text and Visual

The Brief for Luxury Brands on Facebook

Our aim was to shift the perception of luxury brands and convince them that Facebook is a space they should be utilising. More than this, to convince them that big ideas and emotions can be evoked on the mobile phone screen and that this can offer an immersive, positive experience.


Our Approach

Text and Visual

We knew we had to promote Facebook as an interactive, conversational space and felt the best way to do so was to create an immersive world, which we called: ‘Infinite Perspectives’.  We wanted to demonstrate to brands that they should no longer perceive the online space as small and muted; that the online space is, in fact, immersive and a world of possibility.

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Text and Visual

We decided to reinvent the storybook trope of the Wonderland and knew this would speak to a huge audience: it implies a level of transcendence and escapism that Luxury evokes, whilst representing the immersive experience of a mobile phone.


It leaves the power in the users hands – what they do in the immersive space is up to them: this emphasises the possibilities that luxury brands unlock.

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Project Video
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