The Bank of London:
Seeking Exceptional

A Recruitment Video for a New Bank Challenging the Status Quo
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The Bank of London has carved a niche for itself at the intersection of technology and banking, powering the future of a structurally-fluid economy.


Like most banks, their mission was simple: to recruit the best of the best.

But what sets The Bank of London apart is the way they define ‘best’.


Challenging the industry norm, TBOL put higher value in the person rather than their credentials. Despite being a new company, they didn’t want to hire just anybody, choosing instead to curate a staff of cherry-picked individuals who embodied the TBOL spirit, unconstrained by convention. 


Our mission was clear:

to create a film that would speak to exceptional recruits from all walks of life, living up to the brand’s promise: ‘Join us, be you’. We wanted to demolish the preconception that a TBOL employee would look like or be a certain kind of person; instead, we wanted to encourage our viewers to reimagine what their own potential could be, and ask themselves if they had what it takes.

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Our largest obstacle? The Bank of London didn’t exist yet. There was no culture, no offices, no people, no structure – and while this posed an incredibly daunting challenge, it also posed an incredible opportunity to build something from the ground up.


TBOL focused on exceptionality.

We wanted to appeal to people who would see themselves as that exception

Text and Visual

We needed to communicate that TBOL didn’t care who you are on paper; they cared about the things that make you bright, interesting, unique, and exceptional.

So, we created four fictional characters of different ages, professions, appearances, sexual orientations, and interests, to show the limitless potential a TBOL recruit can have.

Text and Visual

Our film is guided by a powerful original spoken-word poem, and captures the gritty, difficult realities of what it really means to be the kind of person TBOL are searching for. It’s not glamorous; it’s being hunched over a textbook round the back of a diner; dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn; doing your best to fit work in around the kids.


The Bank of London launched to the public in November 2021 with vast press attention from the likes of the Financial Times and The Mail on Sunday all highlighting the monumental shake-up TBOL is bringing to the banking industry. Our recruitment film was hosted on the TBOL website, also designed by our team,  to welcome the exceptional people the brand is seeking.

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