Jaguar Land Rover:

How we helped Jaguar revolutionise the world of chauffeuring

The Brief for Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover’s green chauffeur service, Havn, was launched in London in 2019.

Our brief was to help assist with the creation of all brand imagery through video and film.


Our Approach

Text and Visual

We needed to show that this was a chauffeur service with a twist. Havn is a company bridging the gap between a more traditional chauffeur service (where personal service and luxury are at the heart of the operation) and a modern tech-based chauffeur service (such as Uber and Addison Lee).  Our brief was to show how Havn combines the etiquette and features of traditional chauffeuring with a digital environment.

Text and Visual

To place Havn as a fresh addition in the chauffeur service industry, it was important that the content felt equally fresh and new. We wanted to highlight that this is a relaxing, premium service.

The film needed to feel aspirational. We took inspiration from luxury travel companies and bloggers to create something high-end and exemplify the quality of the service.

Project Video
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