The Impossible

Using poetry to launch an urgent appeal to the world's governments to take action before it's too late
Text and Visual

The only way our world stands a chance of responding to the climate crisis before it’s too late is by inspiring governments at the highest level to take action and play their part in greening our economies. That’s why EY approached us to create a film that could cut through the noise, conveying the urgency of the situation and to illuminate the opportunity governments have to take action in partnership with EY.

Text and Visual

‘The Impossible’ meets seven people from seven different walks of life. In the course of a single day, each person is confronted by mankind’s impact on the planet in a way which uniquely resonates with their lives: whether it’s a farmer’s crops dying or a child finding washed up plastic on the beach, each moment opens their eyes to the challenges we must face together. Every persona, location and impact was informed by real insights into real challenges corresponding to key sectors identified in EY’s research, from agriculture to construction and fishing.

Text and Visual

With sustainability at its heart, it was important to us that we created this film as sustainably as possible. All shoots took place within the UK or were remotely directed, using LED lighting; all meals were vegan and served in biodegradable packaging; all props, scenes and costumes were rented or donated after use; fresh produce was donated to food banks; among many other changes. It is our hope that this film will inspire and empower people, businesses and governments to step up and act in the face of the impossible.

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