Johnson Matthey x Envision Virgin Racing:

The Two Seater Concept Car

Today’s automotive industry is driven by something new.

Text and Visual

In the race for vehicular supremacy at the intersection of high performance and sustainability, Johnson Matthey’s eLNO battery technologies are leading the way.


Envision Virgin Racing and Johnson Matthey share a vision for a cleaner, healthier world. Their strategic partnership and shared ‘Race Against Climate Change’ is a powerhouse of green automotive innovation. 

The collaboration has seen JM and EVR combine next generation cathode materials with leading battery technology to create a concept Formula E race car powered by eLNO® .


Johnson Matthey and Envision Virgin Racing are proud to present:

The world’s first two-seater electric Formula E race car


The Brief


For the COP26 climate summit, we were asked to create a promotional video to showcase the production and commercial readiness of eLNO’s cutting edge technology, and to celebrate the new EVR x JM partnership.

Text and Visual

Our objectives were two-fold; to equip our audience with an understanding of eLNO, and to recognise and celebrate Johnson Matthey as a leader in the e-Vehicle and battery sector. 

We set out to create an exciting, informative film that expressed the importance of the Formula E concept vehicle. 


Text and Visual

Our idea was to visit the JM factory to interview the minds and film the faces of the capable scientists behind the eLNO technology. Doing this, we were able to help establish JM’s leading position in the industry and illustrate just why its technology is leagues ahead of its competitors. 

After establishing its background at JM, we then went over to EVR to talk details about the partnership and the car itself. In an interview with Envision Racings managing director, Sylvain Filippi sheds light over the partnership and the steps they have taken together for green innovation. He also explains to our audience at COP26 what they plan on working on in the future. 


The film was displayed around the car at the COP26 summit meeting to an audience of world leaders and prominent climate activists. It was also shared with its shortened versions on social media, and even written about by news organisations like the BBC and Daily Mail. 

Project Video
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