Life Sciences

How we helped EY show the future of medical technology

The Brief for EY Life Sciences

Whilst we had worked for EY for a number of years, we hadn’t worked with their Life Sciences business team before. They came to us with an ambitious timeline of five weeks, half finished new brand guidelines (due to be adopted by the company as a whole) and a script that ran to eight minutes.

Text and Visual

They needed a piece of communication that could be sent out to potential clients, exciting them with the possibilities that would be available in the near future. The film needed to show how Life Sciences 4.0 offers balance and transparency in this complex innovation environment. It had to celebrate the brand’s core beliefs of collaboration, innovation and wellness, and demonstrate its ambition to shape the future of healthcare.


Our Approach


Our copywriting team worked closely with the Life Sciences team to bring the cost of the script down, whilst our team of illustrators started to create a few key scenes. It was important to communicate to EY’s brand guidelines team what was possible and what was unrealistic in the given timeframe.

These initial key scenes now form the heart of their new global brand guidelines.

Text and Visual

We hand drew each part of the animation as vectors before animating each section, in accordance with the client’s vision. Once the key scenes were illustrated, a team of animators went to work to bring the drawings to life.


This piece of content has become the poster child for 2D animation under the new brand guidelines for EY. It has been played throughout EY and at events and meetings all over the world.

Project Video
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