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How we helped a construction company modernise and reposition its brand to its employees and customers

Careys is a company that handles the entire process of construction, end to end. Their challenge to us was to show to their clients the breadth of their service offerings, from design and contracting through to demolition.

This video content campaign had to do more than just communicate what Careys can do. Our goal was to talk to employees as well, to show how every contribution, no matter how big or small, help enable the wider company vision. To care.

As a family-run civil engineering company going into their 50th anniversary, Careys were working on some of the biggest and most prolific development contracts in the UK and Ireland, from the redevelopment of the old American Embassy in Grosvenor Square and the 2nd tallest skyscraper in London, through one of the largest mines in the UK and wind farms in Ireland.

Text and Visual

Early on, we realised that we needed to create a suite of assets to achieve the objectives. Our content strategy would enable the creation of a singular hero brand film. On top of this we would have additional content focused on their strategy and vision. A final part of the campaign was focused on ensuring we had a fantastic piece of internal communication, explaining to current and prospective employees what makes Careys special and also encouraging them to take up developmental courses within the business.


The Hero Film

Text and Visual

Filming on construction sites is not straight forward. There are a myriad of considerations when planning a production. How can we ensure everything complies with health and safety? How do we ensure we aren’t getting in the way?

Most importantly, how do we capture those critical moments that truly encapsulate what it means to work at Careys, on the most significant and impressive projects in the country?

Our first step was to organise site visits to get a deep understanding of what was so unique about their approach. We spent weeks visiting multiple sites and speaking with a number of workers both on site and in their offices.

Our aim was to really understand the story of what makes Careys different, what makes it special.


What transpired was the discovery that across all their many business units, there was an underlying feeling of calmness, organisation and safety. Across the business, Careys seemed to put people front and centre, placing the utmost importance on their wellbeing, professional development and diversity.

We knew there was a fascinating brand story to tell here, and the objective we set ourselves was to create something that was head and shoulders above anything else being produced by the construction industry globally.



Text and Visual

Our aim was to capture the immense scale of the projects as well as the minutiae of the everyday. Every one of the sites was in constant motion, something we knew should underpin our visual style. From machinery to people, almost every shot involves movement. This built an idea that while our different characters work on different sites all around the country, they are all building towards the professional ideal that Careys wants to instil in all their employees.


Combined with an uplifting voiceover and a soaring, rhythmical musical accompaniment, we knew that if our cinematography could harness the pride and passion on display across their business, the final product would point to the most important element of the Careys philosophy: to care.

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