The Brief for VYPE

We were approached to write, create and produce a suite of content for Vype Worldwide Instagram page over Q4 2020, creating assets for both their grid posts and stories. The aim was to integrate the brand’s passion points – music, art, travel and fashion – in order to produce relatable, inspiring and authentic assets and build their following.

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The content needed to prompt the viewer to look for inspiration in everyday life where, if you think ‘outside the box’ and forge your own path, even the most common activities can be turned into something groundbreaking. We were asked to promote creativity, passion and individuality portrayed in an authentic and relatable way.


Our Approach


Vype’s campaign starting point was creating assets promoting inspiration and creativity through the passion points of music, art, travel and fashion. We didn’t have to look any further but to utilise the incredible talent, creativity and uniqueness of our own team members in order to create inspirational and distinctive content.

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We used a variety of video clips, 2D animation and stop motion animation to produce a range of interesting and diversified content. Taking advantage of Instagram’s native, interactive tools, we created reciprocal content which allowed us to engage with the creative class by prompting them to take part in our polls and quizzes. Every asset was designed to be motivating and inspiring, ensuring that each contributed to the overarching brand’s positioning of encouraging their users to ‘Charge Beyond’.

Project Video
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