Valvoline x Aston Martin Racing:
Driven By More

Where photographs create windows into the past, telling a story that stretches long into the future
Text and Visual

Valvoline has historically struggled to build brand awareness outside of the US, and wanted to use their partnership with Aston Martin Racing to drive brand awareness in other markets around the world. Our challenge was to tell a story that weaves together two brands with a shared heritage of constantly striving for better, on a journey to reach the absolute pinnacle of their industries, and now coming together to continue to push the boundaries of what they are capable of through their shared passion.

Text and Visual

We wanted to tap into the rich heritage stemming from both of these iconic brands, leaning on the nostalgia of the past as well as the excitement for the future to bring together both the older generations who may remember the featured archival footage, and the younger audiences inheriting the world of racing.


This is a film that pays homage to the sparks of brilliance brought about by countless hours of devotion. Within the cavernous space of an aerodynamic research facility, archival photographs act as a window into the shared histories of these two brands, uncovering a connection that spans not years but decades. A faceless, nameless figure acts as our anchor as we travel through spaces and histories like a ghost, the epitome of potential, dedication, and the possibilities of the future.

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