When We Are Connected

Following a medicine's journey to the people who need it most
Text and Visual

DKSH are a vast and multi-faceted market expansion company whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of communities around the world by connecting them to life-saving drugs, technology, products, and materials.

Our primary objective was to persuade senior executives at large healthcare companies to consider DKSH as a commercial partner by demonstrating the scale of DKSH’s operations, expertise, and deep local knowledge through a powerful and emotive human story.

Text and Visual

Centred around a Thai shopkeeper suffering from Angina, we follow the journey of a fictional medicine as it goes through every stage in the production process, culminating as it reaches the people who need it most. Our story is told from the point of view of the shopkeeper’s son, as he considers the importance of connectivity in our daily lives – even in ways we don’t realise.


If medical innovation is the beating heart of the healthcare industry, then connectivity is the lifeblood. A new medicine is no good if it cannot reach the people that need it. That’s why our film represents DKSH as a series of vital, meaningful connections that demonstrates how each part of the end-to-end process works in harmony to achieve one common goal: better healthcare for all. We embedded this theme of connectivity into the very fabric of our film, using seamless camera movements and match cuts to create a sense of perpetual motion, always driving the journey onward.

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