Perfect Date (Swipe like a pro)

What happens when three professional footballers get hold of Tinder…

The Brief for Tinder

The primary objective of this campaign was to build awareness of the Tinder app amongst their target audience, in a fun and engaging way. In order to increase fan engagement, it also needed to emphasise the individual characters of the Manchester City players.


Our Approach


We created a campaign which promoted the use of Tinder whilst creating bespoke social media content that was explicitly relevant to the Manchester City football team.

Text and Visual

Three of the team’s most well-known players were enlisted to help a Tinder user and Manchester City fan find love through the dating app.

Each player assisted the Tinder user with an area of expertise that fitted their individual strengths. For example, Raheem Stirling is well known for his sense of style and advised the Tinder user on his date outfit.

Text and Visual

This whimsical content for Tinder was broadcast on social media platforms. This allowed for a long dwell time and subsequently had greater impact on the audience, which was vital in this brand building campaign.

Playing on the popularity of Netflix makeover shows and dating TV programmes, such as First Dates, we used a popular format to promote both brands in an entertaining way.

Project Video
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