Thinking about aerial filming?


Thinking about aerial filming?

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Aerial photography has been speedily developing over the past few years with the increase in new aircraft designs, electronics and 4K camera systems that have become readily accessible to both professionals and hobbyists alike. For a London-based production company such as ourselves, drones have become a must-have tool in helping us provide stunning results for our clients.


What could a drone bring to your film?

Flying camera platforms provide a complete freedom of movement across every axis. Drones have the ability to capture beautiful aerial landscape shots at 400ft, yet also get close to the action, tracking fast moving objects such as speeding race cars down miles of raceway. If you’re in the planning stages of your project, it’s fun and useful to think about how a drone can bring a new perspective to your film. Gone are the days of chartering expensive helicopters for every aerial shot. Drones can be deployed quickly and easily. Aerial filming has the potential to reveal truly spectacular angles and boost the cinematic production value of your project.



Where can I hire a drone?

When hiring a drone operator, it is very important that you hire a fully qualified and insured pilot. The aircraft flown by professionals can be potentially harmful in the wrong hands, proper planning and professional practices must be adhered to for safe and legal flying. Here at RD Content, we have our own in-house qualified, insured, and highly experienced drone operator - taking the hassle out of finding a trusted external pilot for your project. Our in-house operator can be attached to your project right from the start, meaning that the planning and creative development will be incredibly thorough - enabling us to deliver breathtaking results.

As a leading video content company, we only use cutting-edge technology to get the job done. Our aircraft have the ability to record full 4K video in both Prores and RAW formats - enabling us to meet any filmmaking or broadcast standards. The latest gimbal technology allows us to provide the steadiest, buttery-smooth, cinematic tracking shots that never fail to put smiles on faces in the cutting room.

So what are you waiting for? Come fly with us!