We offer complete in-house post-production solutions for our clients. From editing and animation, to sound design and colour grading. Our comfortable facilities are conveniently based in Neal’s Yard, in the heart of Covent Garden.

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  • Editing
    With three online edit suites and 12 offline suites, we are perfectly equipped to handle your production needs. Our editors are passionate about crafting strong and impactful visual narratives for our clients. We have the highest specification equipment and welcome all of our clients to pay us a visit and become part of the post-production process in one of our comfortable edit suites.
  • Colour Grading
    Our cinema-standard colour grading suite allows us to finish productions to the highest level. Our colour desk is combined with Da Vinci Resolve and offers the highest professional quality of film finishing. Our setup provides a calm cinematic experience, from which we craft your film to completion.
  • Motion Graphics & Compositing
    Our team of animators are experts in designing beautiful 2D animated projects for fully animated films, green-screen rotoscoping and on-screen infographics.
  • Virtual Reality
    We are one of London's leading virtual reality providers. Using the latest software, our team are experts at the intricate skill of 360 video stitching, as well as the creation of 3D virtual reality worlds.
  • 3D Animation
    Our team can produce stunning 3D-rendered graphics and visual effects to the highest standard in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Sound Engineering
    Our sound suite is manned by specialist in-house sound engineers, equipped with Pro Tools and Logic. When working with our sound team you get access to the world’s largest audio library of music and sound effects. We can also clean-up and improve audio to enhance and master the sound quality of your production.
  • Voice Over
    Our sound-proofed voiceover booth is conveniently located at our office in Covent Garden. This allows us to record professional standard voiceovers and other sound-capture cost-effectively and in-house.
  • Delivery and Archiving
    When the end product is ready for delivery, we are able to export your video in every possible format. So whether it is going to be projected on the side of a building, used in a store front, appearing on TV, or used as part of an Instagram campaign, we can ensure that the video is delivered on time and to the highest possible quality.