Williams F1


The brief

As one of the world’s most recognisable racing team brands, Williams Martini Racing F1 needed creative and production support for their video content. Production requirements would last across an entire year and would be broad in scope. This included capturing footage on behalf of their 26 sponsorship partners, filming at various live events throughout the year, creating B2B sales content for the various departments within the organisation, and helping build their reach on social media platforms by enhancing the quality of their video output. These outputs would reach the hundreds, meaning archiving and management solutions would be required to handle the vast amount of footage generated throughout the year for use by broadcasters and partners all over the globe.

The team's Facebook engagements are now greater per 1000 fans than those of Manchester United, Real Madrid and the New York Yankees.

Viewing figures for the content exceed 50 million people globally with the most watched content receiving in excess of 1 million views online.