The brief

To try to rectify LinkedIn’s impersonal brand we were tasked with creating a commercial featuring new brand spokesperson and world champion heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

By using the multi-talented and instantly recognisable sports star, LinkedIn wanted to create an inspirational story about how you can use the service to move your career to the next level.

LinkedIn wanted to see Klitschko in a variety of different modes, to reenforce the idea that LinkedIn can represent the different facets of your professional personality. We needed to show Klitschko as a boxer, as a writer, as a business person and as a spokesman. He would voice the piece too, taking the audience on a journey through the many aspects of his professional life that they may not be aware of.

The challenge was that due to the boxers upcoming title fight, he would only be available for a limited amount of time (4 hours) in a very particular hotel in the Alps of Austria (Hotel Stanglwirt).

The biggest challenge to overcome on this project was to create the sense that there had been a passage of time, and that we were genuinely seeing Klitschko in different environments. In reality, clever art direction, lighting and camera angles were deployed to create the illusion of a variety of locations. The hotel itself was almost entirely clad in wood and we were also requested that the film crew cause the smallest amount of disruption to the paying guests as possible. To achieve this an extremely tight schedule was formed built around an extremely detailed recce.

In the first few days of its release the video racked up millions of views, tapping into the news worthiness of the sports star with his upcoming high profile fight.