Give Your Game Everything


The brief

Facebook’s team in Asia needed us to create a campaign that demonstrated the different ways their various platforms could be used during the Olympic Games to talk to audiences. Their aim was to engage their audience through a B2B marketing campaign, that would provide insight and data on the best communication methods.
Facebook wanted to ensure that our campaign could show their different platforms in action. The resulting content needed to work well on Instagram, Stories, Messenger, WhatsApp as well as the traditional video formats that are popular on Facebook.

The critical factor was that the sports talent featured must be of Olympic standard without actually competing at the upcoming Olympics. The talent needed to compete in as diverse a range of sports as possible and needed to represent the diversity of people that compete at a typical Olympic Games.

Rapha Vasconcellos, VP of The Creative Shop at Facebook said: “Our campaign - Give Your Game Everything - takes inspiration from the rigorous preparation of athletes to share what we know with brands who want to be agile, responsive and adopt a multi-channel approach to truly build meaningful connections with sports fans and communities,”