Freestyle World Tour


The brief

Manchester City FC and Etihad Airways needed content that celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their commercial relationship and personified their shared values of excellence and global citizenship. The content also needed to be deliverable in multiple outputs throughout the football season.

For Etihad Airways, the content needed to showcase their world-class service and position it as the brand of ‘choosing well’, whilst promoting Abu Dhabi and the array of global destinations accessible from there with the airline.

Manchester City’s aim was to leverage its global appeal by incorporating their footballing superstars as naturally as possible despite the successful agency having limited access to them. Our challenge was to create content that centred around Manchester City and Etihad’s seemingly disparate businesses in an exciting and engaging way.

Freestyle football became the best way to take football out of the stadium and around the world We tied in the Manchester City players by allowing them design each freestyle trial at the beginning of each episode.

On Etihad’s channels the total view count has surpassed 5.5 million views and engagements making it their most successful social campaign as a brand of all time.