The brief

Working with the City of London Police and the charity Crimestoppers we were tasked with raising awareness of 'Ghostbroking', a form of insurance fraud where victims are sold fake insurance policies. The target audience was young people, aged between 17-24 based in the North West and London, an area that at the time who were proving to be difficult to reach through traditional communication forms but had a number of criminals selling fake car insurance. The piece needed to work on the Facebook and YouTube platforms. It needed to grab attention and make viewers intrigued until the final moments. It needed to avoid being too preachy or come across in any way as though it were a government message.

"The videos look superb, thank you for the quick turnaround on all the changes we asked for last minute!”

Despite the campaign having an extremely narrow target focus in the North West of England and London, of young people who had just passed their driving test the campaign, we saw some great results. We were able to achieve a cost per click on Facebook of just £0.37. Furthermore, on YouTube the cost per view was as low as £0.07.