Way of Life & International


The brief

Barbour and Barbour International have worked alongside us for 5 years to create content for their seasonal fashion campaigns. Production typically takes place throughout the year with RD producing thousands of assets for the brand’s marketing team.

RDs unique capabilities make the content creation for the iconic British brand possible. At RD we control the entire video content creation process in house from creative to delivery. This enables world-class content to be produced quickly and cost-effectively for every platform, including Instagram, in-store, B2B and other social media platforms.

Our creative process begins by establishing Barbour and Barbour International’s key brand motivations and target audiences. Once these brand messages and demographics were isolated, we worked collaboratively with the Barbour marketing team to approve storyboards and mood films that demonstrate the key brand messages coming to life.

SUCCESS We’re proud to be a long standing partner of one of the great, iconic fashion brands of Britain. Since our relationship began we have helped Barbour and Barbour International grow revenue, with sales boosted by over 20% since we began assisting with their marketing materials.