The best corporate videos of 2017


The best corporate videos of 2017

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There’s a growing demand for corporate video. But, with so many video production companies in the UK, how do you choose the best professional creative content agency? 

We’re taking a look at some of the best corporate videos of the last 12 months because we want to know how they compare. Here’s our review of some of the best corporate videos of 2017. Now there’s no excuse to leave that essential marketing campaign with no video content!

1. ‘Are you Ready’ – Clifford Chance. Our in-house London team created ‘Are You Ready’ on behalf of Clifford Chance. A corporate video that charts the exciting first years of two graduate lawyers. With the production values of a high end tv advert, this video marketing campaign is designed to drive graduate recruitment. We focussed on new original strategies. Combining this big budget aesthetic with corporate video production resulted in an original and arresting film.

2. ‘Our Hero’ – Pfizer – With powerful, emotive and creative storytelling style we interviewed grandparents and grandchildren. We compared the older generations negative perception of their own self worth with the grandkids loving views. We found out what makes the older generation special! This branded video campaign highlights the power of pharmaceutical companies. How they can make a difference to people’s lives. Especially with an aging population. This great corporate video is a real tear jerker!

3. ‘The Heart of Trade’ – M2Film – This is a slickly edited corporate film. It creates an atmosphere of global reach and forward movement through the fast cutting and the uplifting soundtrack. We were really impressed both by the pacing and the editing style. We see insights into global trade and stories from across the world. It was an innovative and arresting use of footage, and the inspired editorial style really impressed us. The strong stylistic choices made in the edit process really make this film stand out and it was worthy winner of the Cannes Golden Dolphin.

4. Horgenglarus classic’ – Frame Eleven. This film is about careful and quality craftsmanship. The video content follows the process of chair making from timber to product. A corporate film from Switzerland this video serves as an inspiration to us at our creative content agency. What we really loved was the raw creativity, the high production values and the cinematography.

Hope you enjoyed the selection! Enjoy all the video content inspiration for your next exciting corporate video brief.

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