Why make video content?

RD Content helps you to answer why you are making video content and what the aims and ambitions of that content should be. We can help you shape your goals and build a vision for your video communications.

This service is the cornerstone of our business and it is through this that we are proud to have developed long lasting, successful relationships with our clients.

As part of our service we offer an in-depth review of your current video strategy in relation to the wider competition. This document will help to justify and determine the creative direction for your future video content productions whilst taking into consideration your budgets in the short and long term. It is from this base that we find the best creative video content ideas flourish for our clients.


Our team is made up of award winning creative talent

This approach combines perfectly with our strategic consultation to ensure that you get the best possible content.

We help create that special idea from which the video’s narrative can grow.

Based on the business strategy our team will storyboard, write and present to you ideas that are born out of a desire to tell stories in a dynamic, fresh and exciting way.


We are producers at heart

Like a production company we execute the logistics of the production completely in-house. We control your budget and schedules ensuring projects meet expectations and deadlines.

Our production team is capable of handling projects in an incredibly cost effective way. For larger productions we have a vast pool of freelance talent to call upon giving you access to the best talent in the industry.

We specialise in producing online social video content (virals), television and cinema commercials, pop promos, B2B marketing, internal communications and external corporate communications.

We are proud of our award winning work in animation, live action and visual effects pieces.



Covent Garden Studio

We have 3 client friendly edit suites alongside 8 edit ready machines in our Covent Garden studio in Neal’s Yard.

Our edit suites are fitted with the latest versions of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Speedgrade, After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve.

We have access to a team of animators from within our sister companies ‘RD Animation’ and can offer a range of animation styles; 2D, 3D, as well as a combination of animation and live action footage.


Getting it out the door

Our in-house team can handle the output of practically any video format available. Whether it is online delivery or for broadcast via Clearcast our in house team will ensure your film is delivered to the correct specification and to the highest quality.

We can help make your film a success by advising on the best possible option for delivery of your content. This may be by managing your media budget for paid for media on YouTube through to advising which websites to target with your latest viral campaign.

We advise on the best use of your material. We help maximise the reach and reception of the video production, making sure your investment provides as much impact and use as possible.