Strategy Film


To create an emotive and informative film which would communicate TUI UK & Ireland's new business strategy to the entire business. We were tasked with turning a detailed 9 page business dossier into a concise and emotive 2 minute film which would allow all viewers, from senior management to hotel reps to understand the new strategy and feel proud to be part of the business.


We wanted to create a film which felt human and emotive whilst still being able to communicate clear strategic messages and so our solution was to write a script which distilled the key business proposition and combine it with a beautifully illustrated "storybook" animation. By creating a virtual book, we were able to incorporate beautiful and emotive illustrations, whilst still clearly sign posting the different "chapters" of the business strategy.
The animation was launched at a company wide event and was extremely well received. Since this launch the film has been turned a set of assets to be used in all further communications on business strategy across TUI UK & Ireland.