When to Hire a Production Company over Freelancers


When to Hire a Production Company over Freelancers

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If you’ve ever considered making video content, you’ve probably wondered whether it would be better to hire a production company or to go with a team of freelancers. For many, it’s a choice between the quality of the end product and the cost of producing it.

However, there is much more to it than that. Here at RD Content, we’ve come up with 10 scenarios where we think a production company would probably be the right way to go:



1. When there are a variety of production considerations

Have you found a location? Is it available on the right days? Do you have permission to film there? Have you considered how you are going to light it? Does it require any specialised equipment setup? Will this require crew with a particular set of skills? What about acting talent? Where will you source them? How will you cast them?

For any professional video production there are a wide range of practical factors that need to be pulled together at once. The right location, the right equipment, the right crew and the right talent are all crucial elements to making the best content possible and a production company will have access to all of them.


2. When a production company has worked on a similar project or campaign before

Have a look on some production company websites. They might have made some visually stunning work that you’d like them to replicate. Better still, their previous work might even demonstrate an intricate understanding of your industry.

From sport & automotive content to fashion & cosmetics brand films, many of the leading production companies will have experience in a wide range of industries, often deploying teams of dedicated specialists to each.

What’s more, production companies make for very efficient working partners, as you are more likely to be on the same page when it comes to the format, look and overall style of the end product.

3. When you need a guaranteed level of professional service

Why rely on the talents of individuals when you could be hiring a ready-made a team of professionals who are used to working together? 

At RD Content, we build all our crews around in-house team members who we know we can depend on, time after time. This makes us consistent, accountable and reliable.


4. When you want cohesion between each stage of production

Does your freelance camera operator know how your film fits in to the wider campaign? Does your freelance editor know why a scene was shot in such a way?

When you hire a production company it’s much more likely that everyone who works on a project will be on the same page.

At RD Content we offer an end-to-end service, from initial creative right through to post-production. This means that if there is a clear vision for how a film should turn out, we are in a better position deliver it.


5. When you value building long-term collaborative relationships

If something works, why not hold on to it?

Whilst freelancers are always thinking about the next job, production companies are more interested in building long-term relationships with clients. This can be hugely beneficial as you get to know more about how one another works; developing better ideas through collaboration, saving time, saving money, building trust and making the whole process much easier for all involved.

6. When you want to keep production costs down

What is the scale and scope of your production? How many freelancers would you need to hire?

The larger a production gets, the more likely it becomes that at least some freelance crew-members are necessary.

However, production companies often have arrangements in place with freelancers because they hire them regularly themselves, making obtaining the same crew more cost-effective if you do so via a production company.


7. When you want to mitigate risk

What happens if disaster strikes and your freelancer has to cancel on you last-minute?

Production companies have the means to amend issues at short notice. This way, if anything unexpected happens to threaten the smooth-running of the shoot, the resources are available to minimise the impact.

8. When you require flexibility in how you work

The issue with hiring freelancers is that they’re not always free to work.

If you have a very narrow or specific production and post-production timeline, then a production company is far likelier to be both available and flexible to change. This is more than just a question of staff numbers; it’s about different priorities. Whilst freelancers often need to focus on volume of work, production companies tend to have a deeper consideration for the whole production process.


9. When you need creative services

Do you have a strong idea in place about the style of the film you want to make?

RD Content are a Video Production Agency, with an in-house team of creatives. Our creative process includes script writing, storyboarding, reference films, mood boards and animatics.


10. When you need strategic services

Who are your target audience? What platforms are they using? When are they using them?

All great filmmakers have a vested interest in how well a film performs. However, the ability to involve strategists at pre-production can be hugely advantageous not only for shaping your creative, but for developing an effective distribution plan.

If only there were a London-based Production Agency that could work such a strategy into a production schedule