Best Small Drone: 3 reasons we love the Mavic


Best Small Drone: 3 reasons we love the Mavic

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DJI have been astoundingly prolific with their release of new technology, changing the way film makers approach creating their shots. In this piece we take a look at one of their newest drones, the Mavic, and explain three reasons why we love it:

mavic drone best drone


The first thing that strikes you about the Mavic is it’s diminutive size. It’s tiny, smaller than any other drone on the market that offers anything remotely comparable in quality. Not only that, but the construction of the drone is such that it packs down into two tiny leather shoulder bags. Within which you can store propellors, batteries, memory cards, controller, cables and of course the drone itself.

This small size makes it easy to carry to and from a shoot, and means its one of the first items we put on the list when taking a short trip abroad.

why the mavic drone is the best drone right nowBattery Life

Advances in battery life are coming thick and fast at the moment. So when a device is as small as a Mavic it is extremely impressive how long the batteries can keep the drone in the air. With the four batteries that pack down into the small cases full charged, the drone can spend over 30 minutes in the air per battery. That’s an impressive 2 hours of flight time. With such small batteries as well, packing a few extras isn’t too much of a problem and means that for almost all shoots you will have more than enough flight time up your sleeve.

Flight Modes

Normally special flight modes on drones are just a novelty addition that no serious pilot considers when producing their film. However, with the latest iteration of the drone software these new special flight modes really do make a difference. Two modes stand out. Tripod mode slows the drone down and makes intricate control simple, perfect for complicated manoeuvres. Cinematic mode allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration as well as smooth moves when turning.

Combined with the speed of the drone, these extra control options are extremely welcome.

mavic drone why it is great

So there we have it, a fantastic drone that perfectly compliments the rest of the drones we have in our fleet.

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